What is long term treatment?

Long term treatment is the overall goal for the Bruce Oake Recovery Centre. We hope to become recognized for our exceptional client success rate, service effectiveness, and organizational efficiency. In order to achieve these goals there is a need to establish deep roots in the community with vibrant and extensive partnerships. The Bruce Oake Recovery Centre will offer a range of complimentary services and resources essential for recovery. At the core of the program is the Twelve Step Model that recognizes addiction as a chronic disease. The program ideology is based on the following key values:

The Bruce Oake Recovery Centre will be modelled after Simon House, an addiction treatment centre for adult males in Calgary, Alberta. Simon House provides comprehensive treatment program with a success rate of more than double the industry averages (this success rate is based on a client remaining clean and sober for at least one year after seeking treatment). The program incorporates the Twelve Step Recovery Program with behavioural therapy, while ensuring clients take person responsibility for chore as well as securing employment for their future. Simon House clients are required to contribute financially to the cost of their recovery ($50 per day). Although the majority of Simon House clients are unemployed when entering into treatment, upon graduation 96% are employed in some capacity. Simon House requires that patients take on responsibilities over the course of treatment, teaching them many of the life skills that will be required once they re-integrate into the community as contributing members of society. Simon House clients are also required to contribute through peer support by working with other men in earlier phases of their treatment process. All of these components combine to create a comprehensive program. Simon House operates an efficient cost controlled business model that allow them to keep their client fees at a manageable rate while fundraising to cover the deficit in their operating costs. The Simon House model will serve as the blueprint for the creation of a similar program at the Bruce Oake Recovery Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, as the only long term treatment facility available.