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A Devastating Problem

Statistically, 13.5% of individuals in Manitoba have an addiction to alcohol or drugs, higher than the national average of 11%. The likelihood is very high that someone you know or someone in your family is struggling with a current addiction, or living with a history of addiction.

Bruce Oake Recovery Centre Virtual Tour - May 2021

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Bruce Oake Recovery Centre Construction Update - November 2020

Bruce Oake Recovery Centre Construction Update - September 2020

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Bruce Oake Recovery Centre Construction Update - May 2020

Bruce Oake Recovery Centre Construction Update

Bruce Oake Recovery Centre Construction Update

A Canadian Drug Crisis

Substance abuse is on the rise worldwide and Canada is not immune.

  • Alcohol is by far the most common drug used by Canadians.
  • 47,000 Canadian deaths are linked to substance abuse annually.
  • B.C Bud (marijuana) crops generate an estimated $5 to $7 billion dollars annually.
  • CSIS estimates there are roughly 950 organized criminal groups active in Canada and about 80% derive revenues from illegal drug sales.
  • Canada's illegal drug trade hit a 30 year high in 2007.
  • For every $5 spent on drug rehabilitation by the Canadian Government, $95 is spent on on incarceration of drug users. 
  • Female addicts are 54% more likely to die prematurely because of their drug use.
  • In a 2008 study, 23% of 14 year olds reported drinking 5 or more drinks in a two hour period at least once in the past month.

The Project

For many people with addiction, wait lists can be a death sentence. While this alone is intolerable to a compassionate society, addiction carries a staggering cost to society as a whole, with the estimated cost of substance abuse in Canada estimated to be $39.8 billion annually. The direct cost associated with substance use and addiction on the health care system alone is estimated at $8.8 billion, with additional costs being borne by the welfare, judicial, and penal systems. When people with addiction are treated, family violence and trauma are also reduced, while our productivity as a community increases. The costs of effective treatment programs are a tiny fraction of this expense.

Our goal is to establish a non-profit facility like Calgary's Fresh Start Recovery Centre here in Manitoba. Bruce Oake - A Place For Recovery, Healing And A Foundation For Life will provide a unique and proven addition to the treatment options available to Manitobans. With services offered in cooperation with Fresh Start, our facility will focus on measurable outcomes that address all the dimensions of the person, with no financial barriers to entry. Sobriety, mental health, employment, housing, a positive social network, and improved self-esteem are all factors in improved functioning, and are addressed in this treatment model.

A viable business plan has been developed that will allow for the creation of a state of the art, not for profit facility that will be able to treat hundreds of patients annually. Bruce Oake Recovery Centre is currently raising the $1,650,000 required to establish, lease, and furnish a location that will treat hundreds of patients each year.

The need in Manitoba is great: Bruce Oake Recovery Centre is expected to operate at 95% capacity by its fourth full year of operations.