Family Support

For every single person with an addiction that struggles with the disease, there is a also a multitude of people that are impacted and suffering. The torture of helplessly watching the erosion of a loved one’s life is devastating. If you have a person with a substance use disorder in your life, you likely know the feelings of helplessness, frustration, despair, and resentment. The good news is: you don’t have to live in the shadow of addiction.

Family Education and Support Services

The Bruce Oake model will integrate the support of family and loved ones through in-house clinicians as well as its strong parternships and formalized collaboration agreements in the community. Providing evidence-based programs and services to family members is integral to the model and culture of the organization. Examples of this include family services and supports provided by CMHA Manitoba and Winnipeg that are co-produced by family members and provide ongoing peer support from trusted and recognized mental health leaders in the community. In person, CMHA Recovery College and virtual Well Central courses for family members of those who use substances will be offered to ensure the availability of stigma-free and easily accessible no cost-supports.

Family Room - Bruce Oake Recovery Centre

Peer Support Groups