Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you get the answers you are looking for?  Below is a quick guide of frequently asked questions.  If the answer to your question does not appear, please let us know through our contact us page.


Who will be able to access the program?

Bruce Oake will be open to those seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction who meet stringent intake criteria and are fully committed to living a sober life.

Can someone be court ordered to attend this facility?

Although courts can order people to attend a treatment facility, the Bruce Oake Centre will have the right to refuse anyone. Participants must be at least 18 years of age and have refrained from drug and alcohol use prior to entry. The Bruce Oake Centre will only accept clients who have chosen treatment of their own volition. Anyone seeking admittance from any justice system must provide a detailed criminal record for review and will not be accepted if they are deemed a threat to the safety of the neighbourhood.

How long is treatment?

The residential treatment program is 16 weeks in duration.


Will the facility be performing detox?

No detox will occur at the facility. However, all participants must have obstained from drugs and alcohol and stabilized when starting their recovery journey at the Bruce Oake Centre.

What is the methodology for treatment?

The Bruce Oake Centre will offer a range of complimentary services and resources essential for recovery. At the core of the program is the 12-Step Model with behavioural therapy that recognizes addiction as a chronic disease. The program ideology is based on following key values such as accessibility, flexibility, inclusivity, customization and accountability.

What does typical day look like for clients?

The day of each participant comprises a full schedule, as structure and accountability are critical elements of recovery.The purpose of the curfews and drug testing mentioned above is to ensure only clients committed to and actively working on their sobriety remain in the facility.


Who will be running the facility?

The Board of Directors will oversee the overall administration of the facility, however specialized addiction professionals will run the day-to-day operations of the Centre.

How many staff will be employed?

The staff ratio will be one per two clients. The Centre will be staffed 24/7 to closely monitor clients' schedules and activities.

Is this a for-profit centre?

No. The Bruce Oake Centre operates as a registered nonprofit organization with charitable status. 

Why did you choose to partner with Fresh Start Recovery Centre?

Fresh Start has a well-proven track record over its 25 years of existence. It provides a comprehensive long-term treatment program with a success rate of more than double industry averages. It has been recognized as the best Recovery Centre in Canada and has been named Canada's number one social service agency.

The Facilities

What is the building design like?

The Bruce Oake Centre is a two-storey live-in treatment centre located on the western bank of Sturgeon Creek in Winnipeg. Surrounded by a mature residential community and flanking a busy park and active transportation trail, the building has been designed to respect its neighbours through its use of low-massing, residential materials, and generous setback from the street. Primary exterior materials include brick, shake siding and stucco, with a combination of fibreglass windows and floor-to-ceiling aluminum curtainwall glazing in select areas to provide a visual connection between indoors and out. Other features include a double-sided natural gas fireplace that can be enjoyed from inside the building as well as from within the rear courtyard; full commercial kitchen with dining room; smudge room with fireplace and medicine wheel; computer lab and seminar rooms; family room with outdoor canopy and patio access with views to the creek; exercise room; staff offices and resident counselling rooms; resident lounge with balcony overlooking dining room; and finally, a full-size community-accessible gymnasium with performance stage and change rooms.

Non-combustible construction including cast concrete foundation; structural steel superstructure with steel stud infill framing; dual-glazed fibreglass windows and thermally-broken aluminum curtainwall; EIFS, brick, and cement panel siding. The building is insulated to meet Manitoba Energy Code for Buildings using entirely exterior insulation over fluid-applied air/vapour barrier at walls, and closed-cell sprayfoam at roofs.

What is the building size?

The Bruce Oake Centre is two storeys with a partial (finished) basement.

How many beds does the facility have?

The Bruce Oake Centre has a 50-bed 16-week residential treatment program.