The Anne Oake Family Recovery Centre, a women’s only treatment centre in Winnipeg, has received funding from the Manitoba government in Budget 2024. Scott Oake discusses upcoming plans for the Centre.

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By Alex Karpa
Posted April 5, 2024 3:24 pm.

A second Bruce Oake Recovery Centre is being built on the Victoria Hospital property, but this recovery centre will be reserved for women. The facility will be in honour of Anne Oake who died in 2021.

Budget 2024, unveiled by the Manitoba NDP government Tuesday, commits funding to the construction and operation of the Anne Oake Family Recovery Centre.

“It will happen now, largely because of the support of the provincial government,” said Scott Oake, opening women’s only addiction recovery centre in Winnipeg. “Clearly, Wab Kinew’s government understands the need for more treatment beds, and understands the need for a women’s centre.”

Scott Oake and his wife Anne opened the Bruce Oake Recovery Centre in 2021, a men’s only addictions treatment centre in memory of their late son, Bruce, who died in 2011 at the age of 25 due to an accidental drug overdose. Following Anne’s death two years ago, Scott is now fulfilling their goal of opening a women’s centre in her honor.

“The Anne Oake Family Recovery Centre will be her legacy. Anne was all about caring for others, and a driving force in getting the Bruce Oake Recovery Centre built. I know she would be over the moon at the prospect of a woman’s family recovery centre becoming a reality,” he explained.

The centre will offer long-term treatment, just like the 50-bed Bruce Oake Recovery Centre. However, there is a major component to this facility, a daycare alongside the facility.

“The Anne Oake Family Recovery Centre, which it is called, will be family inclusive. A lot of women are reluctant to go into recovery because they are afraid they are going to lose their kids. We pledge to keep women and their children wherever possible.”

Oake’s message to those struggling out there is that it’s possible to get help.

“We need more beds to make it possible so that women and men can get back to their families, their loved ones, their jobs, and society in general. That’s happening here at Bruce Oake, and it will also happen at the Anne Oake Family Recovery Centre.”

 Source: Citytv News